About the Episode Edit

Jessica Watkins (@ajessicawalking) joins the ladies to discuss New Years Eve, the Real Housewives, pie shops, human dogs, Kickstarter and more!

The Game Edit

Who, What, Where, When, Why

Lady Problem Edit

(lady problem question/answer)

About the Guest Edit

Jessica Watkins is a New York City based standup comedian, actress and filmmaker. Originally from East Nashville, Tennessee, Jessica moved to Los Angeles at the age of 18 to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. After completing her time at the conservatory, Watkins began acting in short films, performing sketch and improv comedy and eventually writing and performing standup. In 2010 Watkins made her feature film debut in Bad Batch, which she helped produce and starred in. After 6 years in California she headed to NYC to focus on developing her standup act, a bit of personal storytelling with a satirical look into politics, religion, and the world as a whole. On December 22, 2014 Jessica completed an 8th month walk across America where she covered over 1,800 miles by foot. Watkins left from Lewes, DE in April pushing a cart west, performing standup at comedy rooms across the country along her way. She filmed the entire trip for a comedic documentary that will feature her first comedy special titled “Burning Daylight”.

Quotes Edit

"He walked his scooter like a real gentlemen." - Jessica

"I have a few Garys under my belt" - Tess

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